FAQ: Bottom Line

After all of my questions, I find two DJ companies that are evenly matched, how do I decide which company to choose?
Ask each company if you can meet with them in person. You can get a feel for their style and personality with an in-person consultation. Plus, you avoid that uncomfortable feeling that you may have meeting them at another person's event. After all, would you want your Disc Jockey meeting clients at your event?

Every company says they're the best. Who do I believe?
You can always believe the current clients. In fact, we have some clients that have hired MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. time and time again, year after year for years. Nothing beats repeat business. There's a reason MusicMASTER has been around this long. Ask for a list of references. We're proud of our clientele and their glad to help insure success at your event also!

What is the difference between your company and "Brand X"?
We offer a premium service at a reasonable price. We aren't the cheapest in town. On the other hand, we are considered among the elite and we can back that up with our superior reputation and experience. The music and equipment used by most professional entertainers will be similar. Our entertainers likely have more experience. Many companies calculate success by the number of events performed in a given time period. Again, our reputation proves we always make quality our top priority. More than likely, the entertainment is going to be the least expensive factor at your event and will have the largest impact! Truly, how much will your food, cake, or flowers cost? What will be most remembered a week, month or years after the event is the entertainment.

We want to book you. What do we do next?
We will send you a packet of information upon request. A copy of our contract is included. Simply sign and return it with your deposit.