FAQ: My Event

How much do you help to coordinate events?
This is our strong suit. We have found over the years that many, events need a little guidance. We help "host" the event by working with your caterer, photographer and other event professionals to keep all your guests entertained and involved. From pouring champagne to arranging special dances, we contribute quite a bit to how smoothly things flow.

How far in advance do we need to book?
Most clients book their event with MusicMASTER on average 8-12 months in advance. However, during off-peak seasons or dates, we book events as late as one month ahead of time.

Do you act as a M.C. (Master of Ceremonies)?
Yes. Every MusicMASTER entertainer will act as your M.C. and coordinator and perform all necessary announcements as required.

When will you arrive and set up your equipment?
Approximately 1 hour before contracted start time.

Do you know the proper procedures and etiquette for a wedding reception?
We are wedding reception specialists and will provide you with planning materials and consultation to ensure the success of your wedding reception.

Will I be able to meet you prior to my wedding reception?
Absolutely! MusicMASTER entertainers are available to meet with you in person and discuss the details of your event personally.

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