FAQ: Music

Can you play music to entertain all the guests?
That's exactly what we do!
Every Disc Jockey has the ability to "read the crowd" and select a mix of music that will touch upon everyone there. We have music for every generation.

How is a DJ better than a band?
A DJ doesn't take breaks during the night.
A DJ can change from a Polka to a new Top-40 song in one second flat, although not recommended. The music is the same version played on the radio. DJs are equipped to play a wider variety of music. Continuous music -- The music only stops playing at times you specify. People like to dance to music they are familiar with. A disc jockey can tailor the sound level much easier than a live band. If a DJ gets sick, the company can find you a similar replacement--they don't have to cancel. DJs cost a fraction of the price for a band.

Do you play requests?
Each client receives a song list. Many clients make special notations of must-play songs. We also play requests from your guests at the event by providing them with a song list.

Will you take requests from my guests?
If the host or the Bride & Groom approve, MusicMASTER will try to accommodate most song requests. Songs with offensive language will not be played unless approved by the host. The host(s) or the Bride and Groom are our top priority and questionable songs must be approved by them before we will play them.

Can you play my own personal CD's?
If they are in very good, playable condition and are marked, we can play any of your collection as specified.

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