FAQ: Personnel

How many Disc Jockeys do you have?
The number one priority at MusicMASTER Disc Jockeys, Inc. is quality. As with any business, when quantity becomes the most important goal, the quality suffers. The number of performers varies in each geographic performance area. We are constantly searching for exceptional talent and at this time there are 15 entertainers company-wide.

What will your entertainers wear to my event?
MusicMASTER entertainers usually wear a tuxedo. However, we also dress to the appropriate theme for the event. For example, for a luau we would dress in Hawaiian attire. For non-formal events, business or casual attire may be appropriate.

Do you take breaks?
From the time the entertainment begins, there are no breaks until the end of the performance.

Will your DJ drink at our event?
As a matter of company policy, no entertainer will drink anything other than a soft drink or water.

What if our DJ gets sick or has an accident?
We always have additional personnel
and equipment on call just in case of illness or something unforeseen. We realize how important we are to the success of your event and we are very careful not to take chances.

How are your Disc Jockeys trained?
The level of experience of your entertainer is an important factor. Each MusicMASTER entertainer goes through extensive training with the company President, Andrew Byrd. Combined with on the job training, MusicMASTER DJ's are some of the best-trained DJs in the Southeast. A minimum requirement to work with MusicMASTER is 10 years of entertainment experience.